Friday, October 10, 2008

New Release Kit Mandarin Dream

Here's a preview of my latest kit MANDARIN DREAM. Let me know what you think LOL.

I just love these colours
Okay so onto some news. It's been a big week for me with all this uploading of kits to my new store at TTS and we are busy in our private lives too lately.
Yesterday was a sad day for me, it was the 5th Anniversary of my Dad's death and I spent all day thinking of all the things we would have done and talked about over those lost years. My Mum seemed okay but I don't think we will ever be the same again no matter how many years pass. She is up with family in Queensland so I guess maybe being away somewhere else with a new start may make some difference to this year for her. I have had a bad week with Chris having troubles and cutting his foot at work and just generally missing his family. I feel so helpless and useless to him being so far away but I had a good talk with him and he does sound better within himself so that did make me feel better about it all too.
My IVF is coming to a head too with me going into hospital on Wednesday 15th for my egg retrieval. We have had an extra drug (injection) to take this time too, a human growth hormone, so I am all over the place emotionally with all these drugs in my system. 4 needles every night and with Michael on nights I have had to do them myself yesterday and tonight. Even worse, we are going to a wedding tomorrow and will have to find somewhere to do it at that argh!! I don't want us to have to leave just because I need to shoot up LOL.
Okay well that's about it for now. I might have a freebie up for you later today. For now I have to go see what I'll cook Michael for his dinner before he heads off to work again.
Have a great day

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  1. Hi tracy your new kit mandrin dream is just fantastic I just love the colours and how you have made everything work together bless you your time and hard work Kat from NZ


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