Sunday, October 12, 2008

Carina & James got Married Yesterday

It was a lovely casual ceremony with their friends and family with a cocktail party and dancing afterwards.

Here are some pics. Carina is a workmate of Michael's and a lovely person. James is a lucky man.

This is about the best shot we got of the Happy Couple, there was light behind them as they were wed against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour.Exchanging Rings, I got around the other side to get these shots.

Closer in.
The back of that gorgeous dress, certainly looks fabulous, you can tell she's a fitness fanatic LOL

And here is one Carly took of us. Quite a nice shot of me and Hubby together. And we are both smiling which is rare LOL.
Okay so we had a great time and so did all the guests, The celebrant was excellent and put everyone at ease, and made it all fun. He also MC'd some of the reception so it was all fun and unique.

Congratulations James and Carina and enjoy your Honeymoon.

Okay gotta go get some housework and washing done.
Have a great Sunday all

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