Monday, October 13, 2008

Awards Week for me

Wow I got a few awards this week and so here goes.

Thanks to Nani and Sooze and Karyn for this one

I have had it a few times so I won't be posting it along but thanks for the Kudos :)

And Aquarius for this one

This award is designed to promote international friendship so I will post this one onto my international friends below.

Terrell Sanzone

Beachnut999 (Doreen)





Now I promise to do a freebie today, I know I was going to be back the other day but life kinda got in the way LOL As it does!! So Michael got an overtime shift today and so I have the day to myself so I'll get designing and post something for you all today.

Have a great week everyone and be sure to come back on Wednesday 15th and see what I have up for you while I am out for the count with my egg retrieval.

Many Hugs


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