Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well I am officially hitting a goal!!! I have lost over 10% of my Bodyweight, Woo Hoo!! I only lost 200g on tuesday but hey after 2 big weeks of losses (1kg and 1.3kg the next week) I am still happy enough!! I have been riding my bike and have decided I should do the shorter route but do it every day so that I keep up the condition, otherwise when you do the long one after a break it kills you LOL. We are thinking of extending our long route which is currently 26km round trip, to Kurnell, which is the same distance again so all up a round trip of over 50km, wow, don't know how I'll go with that, will definitely need a rest in the middle of it LOL. At least I have a more reliable bike LOL.

Thanks to all the people who left me some love for the Sea Breeze Freebie!! There have been 46 downloads and about 1/3 of the people who downloaded the kit left me some love, so can't complain too much about that.
Have you joined mootwodesigns and got the newsletter in the last few days, I got mine yesterday and I am the Featured Scrapper, woo hoo!! How exciting, I did ramble on a bit in the interview and there are a few typos (on my part LOL) Also over at Mootwodesigns, TerrellS' Alex's Asian
Kit is on special and so is Tracy's Love,
the kit she made for me (Gotta love
that Gal!) so go grab some Beautiful
kits of hers while they are reduced in price!!
The layouts to the right, the ones with red in them LOL, are all done with Alex's Asian Kit by TerrellS. Very versatile and so rich in colour! I really love it!!
Also over on TerrellS' Blog she has an Artsy Freebie, 80meg of gorgeousness!! This was a freebie at one of the sites but now she is offering it up on her blog so get in while it is there!! Don't forget to leave her some love!! And don't share her files, just send people who want the freebie to her blog to get it themselves, you know the drill LOL!!
The layout to the right here I made with Shannon Fahrnbach's Winter Kit which she had up on her blog as a freebie in 3 parts. If you're lucky it will still be on offer over there!!
The photo is from our wedding in 2004. This is us with my Family. From left along the front there is Steven (My brother) Mandy (his Partner) Auntie Frances, Auntie Mary, Me (In the White Meringue) My Mum, My Auntie Hellen, giggling on the end there, the back row is My Auntie Betty (also My Godmother) My uncle Bobby, Chris is poking up behind Mary, Auntie Joan from Italy, Michael blowing in my ear LOL, My cousin Linda and her mum and my
autie, Charlotte! The littlies at the
front are My Niece and flower girl

Gabriella and Linda's daughter and
my second cousing Melissa, phew!!!
Okay this next one is of me being a Bride!! We were just going to use our own cars and not bother hiring any but Michael's Mum and Dad booked us two Statesmans, very nice, leather interior and with the ribbon and Tracy Doll on the hood of the car, as you do LOL!!! I love this pic of me getting out of the car, I had to tell Chris to help me out and instead of taking his mother by the hand he grabbed my wrist, so dainty LOL!! I had to be so careful that I didn't catch the dress on my heels LOL. So glad I had it altered and the train taken off. Sue came to the rescue at the last minute and fixed my sleeves too!! Thanks Sue!!! That's my Auntie Sue

on Michael's side of the family,

I love her to bits!!

Okay here's another one, this is me and michael in 1996 or 1997. Ah when we were younger LOL. He had a bit of a Shakespearean thing going on with the hair and goatie then LOL. He was also drum-majoring for Derwent Valley Marching Band and went to Canada that year with them to the Calgary Stampede!! This is also the last time I was really thin, although I was a bit too thin in the face at times and, wouldn't you know it, I still had a big bum and thighs, only answer to that is amputation LOL!!

The kit, I hear you ask!?? Well this is the second kit I have made. I am trying to get the colours to be a bit more subdued than the blues were in the last kit. I even made the feathers, which I was quite chuffed with. And there are some Bookmarks and a pencil and heaps of papers, it's called Dear Diary, by Ambowife aka Tracy Rundle. It does go quite well with that photo, hmmm!!

Alright so now that I am getting into the designing side of digi, I thought I better make a No Piracy sign for the files, LOL. I thought, I can't use anything then I remembered old George (Michael's Recent Skeleton Purchase, LOL) and I went off into the study and took some snapshots of him, extracted the skull and two ulnas (I think that's what they're called, you know the upper arm bone) and made a skull and cross bones. Then I thought, he looked too white and new, so I started to grunge him

up with some over laid texture and used to burn tool then took some teeth out and deepened the eye sockets and voila, much more Piratey!! I just was so pleased with the result and Michael was amazed, LOL. Oh and I did the cutout and burn thing on the paper like a treasure map thingy LOL.
Finally, but most importantly, check out this awesome layout by Doreen aka Beachnut999. Thank for doing wonders with Sea Breeze Doreen, you Rock Girl!!! I love this picture of you!!

Okay I've chewed your ears off enough for one day LOL. I hope all is well on your side of the world or where ever when ever you are.

Have a great Day!!!

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