Saturday, January 12, 2008

Found My Marbles!!!

Argh!!! I was offline, and suffering withdrawals LOL!!!
What a week, we had no phone or internet for the week. There was a guy working on the line in our street and when he'd finished, whatever he was doing, we had no phone but still could get broadband. Then the broadband went and I thought poop I'll have to reinstall it all. Then they said that we had the phone back, yeah right, with someone else's number, bugger!!! So the internet thing ended up being because of that, then today the guy finally fixed the phone line and I spent ages but finally got the web back on. So much stuffing around argh!!!
But here I am back in my element LOL. Thanks to the people who left me some love for the freebie, always nice to get some feedback too!! It is always greatly appreciated. So I have a lot of catching up to do LOL.
I have not sat here doing nothing though, I did some layouts and will post them to the digi sites after I blog. First Things First eh!! I also used the new printer, we've had it for quite a while but I was using the old one to use up the ink. So I did a little insert to put on my Weight Watcher's book, I was really pleased with the quality although I think I will have to check out what color settings i have in my program, things are seeming a bit bright at the moment LOL. So here's a photo of my little book and some layouts to share.

This is the front of the weight watchers book, family pics to keep me inspired LOL.

And here is the back, what I looked like last time I lost all the weight, I'm on the right, my pregnant cousin is on the left LOL.

This is my Mum sitting by the Trevi Fountain in Rome when she and Dad visited Italy, I have an Auntie in Rimini, Italy. I used Terrell Sanzone's Love Whimsy and the hearts are cut from one of her Love Whimsy Papers. The Glitter scattered over the page is mine.

This one is of my Gran and Pappa Turner, Dad's parents, it is their wedding photo, they had to get married while they had a leave pass during the second world war!!

Lots of Terrell's Designs here. Kits I used were, Doodle Gems (the butterfly elements with the doodles on them) Heritage Kit, (the quill and document envelope), Tracy's love (the Paper and frame) Glitter n Gold (the hearst) Donkey Love Blog Freebie, (the wine crate and the ribbon stitching)

This one was fun to do too. I used Terrell Sanzone's Hazel Kit Butterflies and recoloured them underneath, Girly Denim for the background, Doodle Gems, (the butterfly doodle gem and then overlapped and rotated several layers of it to get the element under the flowers, The flowers are recoloured from TerrellS Bakers Dozen Pretty Garden (for personal or commercial use) and the vellum under the pic are from TerrellS' Memories of a Garden, the white one is just the red one recoloured. The Photo is of my Mum's Fridge, where she has pics of us!! And the pink glitter scattering is me again LOL. I am playing with glittering things up as you might have guessed.

Okay this is the last thing I did before the Crash LOL. This is from Terrell Sanzone's Kit Love Whimsy and I used some Tracy's Love too, Plus I used the Glitter N Gold hearts to overlay on the top of the envelope, the Template for this is from "Fabella" at Treasures to Scrap, and of course the Lyrics are You're the Best Thing by Style Council, a blast from my youth in the 80's. LOL. Isn't Chris a Cutie Pie here!!

Okay well that's it for now, I better go and check some blogs and sites and see what I've missed LOL.

Have a wonderful day everyone, I will now that I can get online LOL.


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  1. LOVE the new blog look and that kit is just too cute!


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