Friday, September 14, 2007

She's Not here!!!!!!!!

Hello world, Taz the Ambo here, that's right as Ambo Wife said she has gone away on holiday.
So what's been happening, well her birthday was while she was away and the birthday present was me paying for her holiday??????? so I sent a very nice bunch of flowers to the motel she was staying at.

Now I think I hear you girls in the US giving a collective sigh and well you should, I'm an Aussie male and we don't normally bother with that stuff, but this girl has had the hots for me for nearly twenty(20) years and while I am absorbed with my job and education and stuff I need to do everything I can to let her know that I do care for and love her.

She is my pillar of strength, and boy have I needed one.Two days before she left I started with a day one probationer(from our ambulance school) on the second shift we had a paediatric fitting patient. Now I have NO children that I know of so Paeds scare me. This kid has a history of fitting from epilepsy and when he started to fit again on me I used the quickest route for the medicine I had but I read my drug chart wrong and gave him the 1st & 2nd dose together by a route I'm not allowed to use. I stopped the fitting and stopped his brain being fried, but I went outside of protocol, BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy knew of this before she left, but I have had the medicine withdrawn from my pharmacologies.
I've had a meeting with a clinical training officer and apart from the cock up with the drug calcs he believes I was right, what I did stoped the kids brain from being fried.

Apart from that I have set up my new DELL computer, and produced 8 of my Patient Question Booklets. I think that I will seen the local printer and see if there is a better way to produce these.

So, apart from feeling horny, things are pretty much normal at the RUNDLES.

So Taz the Ambo wishes you all well and goodnight.

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