Saturday, September 22, 2007

LOL Isn't My Hubby TWEET!!!!

Well I couldn't take my Beautiful Flowers to tassie with me but I kept the bow and took this picture of them in the motel room, absolutely gorgeous, and the reception staff were quite pleased to have them when I left!!

Michael may not have even seen these flowers so at least now He has!! Thank you so much My Darling, what a romantic you can be sometimes LOL!!! Moi!! to you Sweetness!!
I am into the third week here in Hobart and this time next Saturdayt I will be headed to the airport, I am looking forward to coming home!! I should have known that three weeks was going to be too long, I always do this and end up with my heart aching and missing Michael too much!!! Maybe I should do more visits but shorter ones!!
Well I haven't smoked in over 2 weeks now and I haven't had a patch on for over a week so I am really pleased with myself, I am going to smell it all through my clothes etc, so I will probably be cleaning like mad when I get home LOL. But it will also be wierd getting off the plane and not craving a smoke!!!
Well here are a few more pics from Melbourne and here.

Me and Jo at Fifteen Melbourne, the Jamie Oliver Show's Restaurant, fabulous food!!

Faith and Rachael at Fifteen, we all had a fabulous time and I had a great birthday as this lunch was a birthday treat for me!! Thanks Girls!!
Two Chefs at Fifteen, Dan and Toby, Remember Toby from the TV Series in the UK and here!!!

This was delicious It had pasta with ricotta, mushrooms and spinach and over it was drizzled sage butter, yummy!!!
Believe it or not I actually lost weight in Melbourne after eating this stuff LOL. I think I walked off everything that went into my mouth.

As of last monday I was at a loss of 8kg total, which is unbelievable for me, but I have walked pretty much every day and I have been sticking to my points. I think this monday I will not have had such a big loss.
This is the oldest bridge in Australia at Richmond just outside Hobart, it was built by convicts. In 1812 I think!!
Okay so I haven't really taken all that many pics while in Hobart, but I haven't been out much, we are off on a day trip tomorrow so I'll take the camera and get some pics then!!!
Hope you are all having a great time and that Doreen and Terrell have a nice visit with each other.
OOOH nearly forgot to mention, I finally have been given a date for my swearing in as an Aussie Citizen, LOL only took me 35 years LOL. So on 2nd October I will be a legal Citizen and can vote and can get a passport Yay!!! Very Exciting, and Michael will be there to cheer me on and take the required pictures of the event!!!
Okay have a great day everybody and especially my Darling Hubby , not long now till I am returned to your loving arms, I miss you so much Sweetness!!!!
Okay enough with the soppy stuff!!

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