Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yes I Know!!!

It's been ages since I blogged, as My Darling Hubby mentioned last night LOL!!! So here I am with all the latest news, and Previews of the Kits TerrellS has come up with as well as her big new secret revealed, didn't know there was one, well you should be well aware that there is always something in the secret goody bag with TerrellS.

Okay where should I start, let me see!!! Well I have been busy busy busy, trying to loose the weight and with changing scales and deciding to go to meetings for WW instead of just doing it online I have gone up and down, but am able to report a loss of around 7kg total to date. And Yes I am still "A Smoke Free Zone" I am into my second month without my friend Nic-o-tine!!

Hmmm, next biggest news, for me, is that I became a Citizen, Yay finally I hear you all groan LOL!! Well there's a layout to prove it too, I just have to ring and see about my free pic with the lord Mayor and Michael in his Uniform, real special!!!

Okay we are starting IVF again on 18th, so back to being a pin cushion, we'll see how all this new stuff holds up this time, especially in my new improved body too!!
Well two of us TerrellS CT girls have been chosen as Layout of the Day at MooTwoDesigns, woo hoo. Doreen has created this gorgeous LO, isn't that the most gorgeous pic. So run over and leave her some love, okay!! Or better yet run over to her blog and read what she has been up to and see her other creations at Beachnut's Creations
And this is one of Robbie that I did using Roses for the Mom Kit by TerrellS.

Okay do you want to see the new Kit by TerrellS??? Come on I know you're just busting to see it!!!

Okay so It is called Twilight Dance and here is a preview of it in all it's glory!! Keep an eye out on TerrellS blog as she has been putting up some freebie QP's and you may find some of these there!!!
And just to wet your appetite so you can see what the paper's and elements are like here are a few Layouts with the kit!!

Well this is when we first dated, the first time around, yeah I know, it's a long story.

And this is all of my Dad's family (accept for Uncle Billy who was already living in Aus) at My Parents' wedding. Such a lovely pic. I did this on Tuesday, 9th October in Memory of my Dad and the love he poured on my Mum!! Miss you dad!!
So What's the big News, TerrellS is designing at Divine Digital now!!! Yes she's a Divine Diva. After hearing about HODS closing down, it is nice to know she is just a hop skip and jump away at Divine Digital, MootwoDesigns and Stone Accents Studio.
So do you want to know where to get some of TerrellS great Challenges and Mega kits In October??

Well just for those of you who have missed anything Layout-wise in the last few months, there is a new slide show at the top of the page with all the layouts since August in it, so you can go crazy watching them if the mood takes you LOL. Okay well I am going to fly and do some burning to DVD before I do anything else, I have been up since 4am and think I need another cuppa!!!

Have a great one!!


  1. Just so you know, Jihu's comment translates into english as "More Dandy Goes Blog" Just thought I'd let everyone who doesn't speak spannish like me know what a lovely comment she left, Thanks Jihu, glad you enjoyed my blog!!
    Tracy aka ambowife

  2. Awesome post!! Boy, it's been awhile since I have been here! I am soooo sorry sweetie! You have done some awesome layouts this month too. Left ya sum wub ;) Big HUGS Wow tomorrow is the 18th for you! GOOD LUCK! Tell them not to poke too much or I am going to have to punch them in the nose!


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