Friday, July 06, 2007

Updated Look

Yeah, I've had to update the blog, simply because I lost a lot of the links when I tried getting a 3 column template up, hmm won't do that again! LOL. Okay....

First the fab news that Terrell is well again, Yay!! Great that you are back to good health Hun!!

Next, another new LO. This one is of Hayley, a friend who has recently been over to Denmark and Ireland!! She has some lovely pics, some of which you will see in my LO's here and in my galleries.

Gallery Links are updated to the left as are the blog links, a lot of new ones there.
Here's the LO. Hayley painting china-ware while on holiday in Denmark. I'm on a blending faze at the moment for some reason, but it really worked well with this lovely pic. Doesn't she look rested and relaxed. The kit is, you guessed it, Free to Fly by TerrellS
Have a wonderful Day everybody. Off to do something else now that this Blog is Fixed LOL...

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