Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Layouts

Hello again, just thought I'd post some new LO's. The first is done with Jewel a kit by Demiurgia. Cool beaded elements eh!! The photo is of Tuffy and his daughter. Great pics from when they were visiting with us. These photos tuffy took at a park below the Sydney harbour Bridge. Great background sights. The Kit in this case is Notre Dame by Demiurgia at www.seasidescraps.com. Lots of texture in this kit. You'll be seeing a bit of this kit since it is new to me.

And this one I did with pics of My niece on her first day of school in Grade 1. She's such a cutie pie!! Most of this is done with Terrell's Kits. But there are beads from the Jewel kit and a piece of stone from the Notre Dame one too.

Now for the not so good news. I have had an enflamed eyeball for the past week and went to the optometrist about it yesterday and also got her to test my eyes. Bad News, my eyes are a lot worse and I needed new glasses, so there's a big Bill there. and secondly I have UV damage to my eye which has made the surrounding area enflamed and swollen. It should clear up, but I will have to cut down on Computer use, NOOOOO!!! But I guess I have no choice, so I may be around less over the next few weeks, hopefully I'll still get some LO's done, but they'll have to be simpler and quicker. Okay that's it for now. Have a great day and Stay safe.

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  1. NNNooooo, why didn't you tell me? Egads, take care of that eye sweetie, big gentle hugs ;)


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