Thursday, May 07, 2009

Last Day to Vote!!!

GRAND PRIZE: ONE YEAR OF FREE PU PRODUCTS!!!ROUND 1: PALETTES!Hello All!!!! The fun & games are starting at Stone Accents Studio. The whole month of May is dedicated to finding a new Look & Feel to our fabulous store, forum & gallery. We need you to help us. This week we are kicking it off with sign-ups for those of you interested in helping Design the header, footer & buttons for our website. You can find the sign-up list and more info HERE. ABSOLUTELY NO HTML CODING EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!! IF YOU CAN SCRAP A LAYOUT, YOU CAN DESIGN OUR SITE! HURRY!! 2 DAYS LEFT TO SIGN-UP!!!Our Design Team has also come up with a list of palettes to determine the colors for our site. We need everyone to come vote and choose the most important part of our new look. You can vote HERE.
Round 2 will begin Friday, May 8th!! If you've signed up in Round 1, you will be given FREE CU Products to design the sites Header, Footer, & Sidebar Buttons!! Yours to keep even if you don't win!! So sign up for some FREE goodies & a chance to win a FREE year's worth of Personal Use Products!! (valued at over $200!!)

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  1. Yay, exciting news about the SAS Makeover!


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