Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Yes this has been a really tough week and it was touch and go for a while whether I would still have my store at A lot of things were happening behind the scenes and finally we have a New Site Owner. Toiny, many of you would know as Piggyscraps, has become the new owner of SAS and she has great plans to bring it back to what it was. And so I am staying put, I will continue to sell and help out as much as I can at SAS, it truly is a wonderful site to be a part of and I am just so happy that it is going to continue to be one of the places I call home for my designs. I love the community and the team is just awesome to work and play with.

So my new kit will go up there tomorrow and I am making a new posting bonus for my challenges, I hope you will come play and check it all out as it evolves over the coming weeks and months. It truly is something special and Toiny is one special SAS-y lady to be taking the bull by the horns there. Thank you so much Toiny for saving our home, you are one gutsy woman.

So If you thought it was going to close, or heard a rumour, I can put that to rest. SAS is NOT closing and will continue to grow and thrive and with the help of the team of the designers, CT and Admin and the support of it's devoted members it will be brought back to how it once was and be even bigger and better.


  1. This is good news indeed for SAS! And I know Toiny can do it. :)

  2. Hi! Love your blog and your designs. Please come here, I have something for you:


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