Thursday, April 02, 2009


We have our own dear Toiny aka Piggyscraps holding the reins at and we are so excited with all the new refreshing changes coming our way at SAS. SAS is the first site I applied to as a designer and they are truly the best, friendliest digi community I have come across and I do frequent a lot of sites. My other stores are at wonderful sites too but SAS has been a favourite for a long time.
Here is Toiny's announcement from her blog, letting us all know of what she has planned for a newer, bigger, more user friendly SAS.

"I am beyond excited. The world spins in such mysterious ways. Last week things were looking very sad in my world. Stone Accents Studio was losing it's leaders and in danger of closing its doors. Real life has a way of affecting things in the digi world. And vice versa. Because one thing led to another and I have been incredibly blessed... I am the new owner of Stone Accents Studio!I know! I am as stunned as all y'all. And completely, totally excited! Stone Accents Studio was my first "home" here in scrapland. It is still my favorite home. SAS is known for its wonderfully warm, accepting, nurturing environment to scrappers & designers alike. It is my mission to continue to foster that culture as the new owner.I also have a vision to build SAS up into a bigger, brighter version of itself. I am doubly blessed to have some of the most fabulous designers out there stay with me and see me through this transition. Because it is a transition! So come visit, pardon our dust as we shake things up a little, jostle people into new roles, throw some learning curves (especially me!) and continue to make SAS the friendliest site on the web. "

Drop by and share the fun and the love while we recreate a digiscrapping icon that became a little down over the last week. We nearly lost it and you know what they say "you don't appreciate what you have until you are threatened with losing it".
Thanks for listening and I hope to see you around the SAS forums and gallery during this exciting time.


  1. love the new banner./.very cool!

  2. I am so glad SAS is staying and I'm just as glad you're staying at SAS, Tracy! I may not have a shop there, but so many of the members of last year's contest do, it's still like home!!


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