Sunday, March 08, 2009

How about a HUGE Kit

I didn't realise just how big this kit was getting till I packaged it all up and started uploading it. OMG it's 312MB. It is massive. Faith Hope and Charity is it's name and it consists of 31 elements, 21 papers, A full Alpha (Upper, Lower, Numbers and symbols) and 2 Quickpages.
And guess What I am going to give you the quickpages for free. They will also be uploaded with the kit into the store so that those who buy the kit but don't visit my blog will still get them, free with the kit.
So I know you are now dying to see them, I have heaps of previews for you to check out and a few layouts with the Quickpages so you can see them in action.
Here we go
Kit Preview
Papers preview

Close-up Details Quickpages

Jump here to for the quickpages link or check out my stores tomorrow for it. I will be spending tonight getting it uploaded to my stores.

Okay so the contest no longer requires us to offer our kits as freebies so it makes it easier to participate since we can do a kit for our store and submit it to the contest. But I thought you'd like the quickpages as a sampler. The contest is judged by anonymous Designers so it isn't as much a popularity contest with voting by the people downloading the kit like other contests. But I am getting better scores each week so I must be learning something and improving my designing skills.

Okay Enjoy and catch you again tomorrow maybe.


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  1. wow tracy what an awsome of luck hun((hugs))


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