Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Kit Party Girls

I have a new kit out today and for the next two weeks it's on sale for 30% off. You can grab the whole kit or just the elements, papers or alphabet. How's that for a deal and they are all marked down, but be quick, it's only till February 's end.
Available at both my stores and by the way when you go to TTS make sure you save the new site to your bookmarks, yes it's all changed and so new and fresh, you're gonna love it. We do!!!
It's going to be a very busy March for this little duck LOL.

Check back during the week cause I'll have some freebies up to go along with the announcement of this kit too!!

I have another anouncement coming up and it's very exciting. Plus check back later today as I have a huge announcement about a collaboration that I have participated in. Especially if you are an Aussie reader, this one will be of great significance to you.

Okay gonna run, remember the links to the stores are in the right hand margin!! Have a great weekend all!!


  1. Oh gosh, how cute are those little girlies? Hey, I just tagged you on my blog, so you need to go check it out. :)

  2. What? I thought this comment posted last night, but I don't see it... sorry if it's a duplicate! I was letting you know I tagged you on my blog, Tracy. You can check it out here:


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