Thursday, September 11, 2008

Woo HOO!!

This is awesome, we are all going through. There was a bit of "Confusion" with the rules in the first challenge so the SAS Administrator has decided that everybody will go through to the next round. We get our next challenge tomorrow, which would probably be tonight my time Hee hee. So Isn't that Cool!! If you didn't get to vote this time, why not run over and join SAS so you can vote next week and you can still download all the kits till the end of the whole competition.
You can also still vote till tomorrow. They are keeping the poll open so that we get an idea of how much members like our designs and to give us an idea of where we stand in comparison to the other entries. So if you still want to vote.... the links are still posted below in the previous post.
Now stay tuned because you never know when I might pop a freebie up on my blog, even when I am working away at the competition, I still need a little R&R and for me that is still designing or making a QP or Scrapping. LOL!! Okay gotta go and see what's for dinner and hopefully get a little brain relaxation before I start again tomorrow LOL
Thank you all for your wonderful support and the fabulous comments from those who left love when they downloaded Fallen Heroes, and remember it is still available below!!
Tracy (doin' the happy dance!!)

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