Saturday, September 27, 2008

Voting is over Thanks Everyone

I came 7th so we are onto the next and final round. This round is freestyle. so we can do whatever we want as much as we want. So keep an eye out for my kit "A Charmed Life" and when I put the link up make sure you grab it while it is still free. Even if I don't get through and get a SAS store I will be pulling it down on October 2nd as that is the official end of the competition and the downloads at SAS. This is going to be so fun and you will get the opportunity to grab 11 totally different kits. I have no idea how big mine might be but it will be pretty and there's a bit of a hint in the title LOL!!

Okay thanks to all who voted for me and CBaby sorry you missed out on the vote hun!! Try again from monday at 6pm central time, that's 9am Tuesday if you are in Australia East Coast!!

Okay so we are well too by the way, Michael and I. Lots going on and some interesting news coming next week, no it's not to do with the IVF. We are still waiting for the go ahead to start the injectable IVF Drugs on that front. Michael is working hard as usual and everyone else family wise is well and slowly coming to terms with the last 3 months of stress. Well, nothing much else. I hit the 20kg lost milestone. Iwas almost hitting it and would be 1/2 a kilo from it then put on 1kg. This went on for winter pretty much. At least I kept it off and that was all I cared about over winter, when I would usually be putting weight on LOL. So I was saying 20kg but it was more like 19-19 1/2. So now Officially I am 20kg lighter. I still have about 10 - 14kg to go so easy does it. Alrighty, that's it for now, better get back to designing this kit for you all.

PS I am also making a fan blinkie as I was asked for one LOL, can you believe it, and what do you think of my new look for the blog too!! Perty!!!


  1. Yup perty, but I thought the other was too. Good luck with the contest, I'm routing for you. Big Hugs.D.

  2. So pleased you have made it into the final round - your kits are fantastic though so you deserve to be there. Have made a note to download your kit on the 1st Oct as that is when our download limit clocks over - between DS & myself we have used 30gb this month all ready - LoL. Excellent news about hitting your weightloss milestone too.

  3. Your blog is beautiful! I love it.


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