Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I had a reasonably serious accident on my bike today. I was turning at a roundabout and thought that the person in the front car opposite me wouldn't know what I was going to be doing so I changed to my left hand and went to indicate to the right, at a reasonable speed and whammo!! I must have pressed the brake with my right hand at the same time and I flipped over the handlebars and onto the road. Aweful, stuff. And I was so sore and crying to Michael to get me off the road!! It's a bit busy at that time of day when the schools are letting the kids out and there were several cars driving around me, scary!! Michael said I was sort of intertwined with the bike so he wanted to make sure my leg was okay before he got me out from the bike and over to the sidewalk. Michael said 3 guys stopped to help, two in cars and one that had been jogging along, thank you so much to all three of you!!! I only remember the man who helped Michael hold me up as I went hazy and apparantly fainted!!! That's a first for me sigh!! I just remember feeling sick and then like I was dreaming and then lying on the ground and Michael calling my name, freaky really!!! Then they laid me on the sidewalk and Michael checked my injuries. A very sore double scrape to my right arm around the elbow and a little one on the other elbow and matching scrapes on both my knees. I will have a super bruise on my right thigh , the full length of it, very pretty sigh!! Oh well I am very sore but very glad that there was no car involved. I had my self pity cry after we got home and I was all bandaged up and starting to get over the shock. I actually rode some of the way back home simply because I just wanted to get home, I got a few looks from people as I rode along with my skint knees and elbow I can tell you LOL. Well I can laugh now LOL.

And just to let you know our internet is back on broadband, yay!! They actually gave us a new modem!! I think they were just sick of having to fix it for us LOL. So that's all good.

Oh and before he patched me up I handed Michael the camera to get some pics of my injuries to scrap my major stack!!!

Here's the layout!!

Okay I'm gonna go as I'm starting to get a sore elbow again with all the typing, lucky it was my left elbow and I can still do most computer stuff!!
Have a safe day!!

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  1. TAG!! You're it! Go to my blog and check out the rules lol. Don't hurt yourself getting there ok? LOL BIG HUGS


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