Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Terrell Is Home & All Is Right With The World

Now I can breath again and blog again LOL. I didn't want to post anything here until I knew she was okay and out of the woods. Thus keeping the previous post at the top until now.

If you want to know all the details of her last week in hospital you can head here to her blog for her post. She'll be posting more once she is a bit more recovered.

Okay so while she was away I did these layouts.

This first one is created with TerrellS Easter Freebie, which is available on her blog (you may have to look into previous posts to find it - if it is still on offer) And the pic is of Hayley at her 30th Birthday party which we attended on the weekend. The next one is with TerrellS Burnt Orange Freebie, still available on her blog. The pics are of my brother, and taken by my niece.

And above is Kianna, Hayley's niece, what a cutie eh!? Did this one with TerrellS Signs of Spring, such a lovely soft collection of papers and elements. And here in the next layout is Michael,(Taz) in his new cycling gersey that he bought for riding to work in winter and wore to the party as the Tour De France. The party was a "come as a country" party cause of all the international travel Hayley has done in the last 10 years. Oh and he won a bottle of plonk for best costume. We even rode to the party on our bikes so it was quite good LOL. The kit here is TerrellS Apple Cart kit.

Okay so we are well apart from being over bloated with the huge doses of drugs I have had to have for IVF. I am suffering from really sore boobs and aches pretty much everywhere. We go in on Friday to have the egg retrieval and it is at a different hospital so it will be interesting - if I can remember any of it sometimes I lose it later on LOL, anaesthetic I guess LOL.
So we have been riding and I have been watching what I eat but I am still not losing any weight, I think it must be the drugs sigh!!!

Michael is on the second week of his holidays and after relaxing totally in the first week this second one is dedicated to getting his assignment done for Uni. Then on the 24th April it is our Anniversary and who knows what we will be doing. Not a lot I don't think since we have already spent out on the trip to Hayley's place and the motel there and we are just on the basic income without the overtime bits and all that we are used to. I will probably be a bit ikk for a while anyway until after the surgery.
Okay I am off to do some house work yuck.
To Terrell!!!! I am so glad you are okay Hun!! Had me really worried there for a while and I was so frustrated cause there was nothing I could do from way over here!! Love You !!
Tracy XXX

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