Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Testing out Windows Live Writer

Okay so this is a nifty little tool and I thought I'd give it a whirl on the blog and if it turns out okay I might use it to post from now on. It allows you to grab stuff from the web and post it on your blog but it is also a lot faster at uploading pics etc so here goes. LOL.
Okay so what's up with us this week. Well, Michael is off to school for a couple of days so we had to get the dress uniform out, and wash the shirt back to white LOL. Also I went to my weight watchers meeting and what do you know I put on 100grams so I am not really phased by it. I did a big ride yesterday and we did a big one today too so hopefully I will shock my system into losing it this next week. I have had some naughty stuff and not done a lot of exercise this week or counted points really so I am not surprised at the gain.
My Layouts have been coming thick and heavy LOL. FebCalendarPTBChallenge
This one I did for the Challenge over at mootwodesigns, the template is a creation from Gloria Val Verde and she is doing one for each month. This one I did with pics of me and Michael being February and the month of Valentine's Day. The only thing I had to do was add the colours and effects, easy.
Lucy-LuI love this pic of Lucy Lu, a friend's dog, she's such a cutie pie.This layout is created with my own designs. And I did it for a challenge at Treasures to scrap.com where you had to use pink or blue and brown, the brown being required.
Leanne, Lucy Lu's owner, absolutely adores her and you can see why, she's so camera friendly in this pic, she literally poses for the camera, I swear, she does, LOL!!
Okay so I have been using some of my stuff I designed before I took off for the past month LOL!!
And this one I did with my Dear Diary Kit. We had to do a layout expressing what we love about ourselves. Mine was my determination to lose the weight I have so far. It enthuses me to continue and stay strong when the chocolate monster rears it's ugly but yummy head LOL. And with Easter around the corner I will need all the help I can get LOL.
Anyway, that's about it for now from us in Sydney. Have a great week and hopefully I'll have something a little more interesting in my next post.

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