Sunday, March 02, 2008

Scrapping Maniac

Yup that's me the last few days LOL. I have been playing catchup, trying to get a lot of layouts done with all of TerrellS's new kits and all the new photos I have since I went away. Okay so here we go!! The layouts down the left side column are all created using TerrellS's Celebrate a Boy's Spring. The first one is of my MIL when she was up visiting us, well she arrived before I left Hobart and then the day I arrived she went to her SIL's place and then returned to us for 3 days before heading off to see her daughter and her family in Brisbane. We had a lovely couple of days together. The next one down that Left side is of Me and Mum at various stops along the way on our journey to Brisbane!! All up the east coast of Australia. And that bottom one is of us with my cousin Aimee who is visiting Australia and so for her first 3 days she was here with us truing to catch up on sleep and get into the time frame before going to Darwin to start her tour of the outback and Ayers Rock. We're looking forward to seeing her in April before she flies back to the UK!!

Now the right side is 2 different kits. The first layout is with TerrellS's Because I Love You kit and is a record of how much weight I have lost from October to February. It's a slow journey but hopefully a permanent one once it's all off. I am nearing the half way mark and reall feeling the difference now.

The next one is of Aimee and is created using TerrellS February Posting Bonus 1. The other one is using the posting bonus and is of me and Gabriella the morning I was leaving to fly home after the big drive. I was lucky enough to arrive early and get an extra day with my beautiful niece.

Now the big news is that Mum rang last night and she has a contract on a 2 bedroom unit in a retirement community so swimming and activities are all included and she pays corporate fees every year but seems quite happy with her choice and now just has to wait out the time of the contract so she can move in. she really did sound very excited and I am so happy for her. I just hope Robbie comes right, then all will be right in her world. Robbie cut himself trying to escape his cage on the plane and was a bit sick when Mum got him home, when she finally took him to the Vet they said he had Kennel Cough so don't go to that boarding kennel with your pets, sigh!!

Okay well today is the first day in over a month where I will be able to spend the whole day with my Husband, remember him, the guy I am supposed to be living and sharing my life with. Well he has worked 3 night shifts so even though all the visitors were gone we still weren't able to spend time together so today is the first day he is off since I got back and we've got no visitors. What's the bet he'll be on his computer the rest of the day when he wakes LOL. He did Special Event overtime for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras last night so he crept into bed at 5.30 am, once he could find some room LOL. Yes I do take over the whole bed if I am in it alone LOL.

Okay so I am doing no more online today, I'll be with MY MAN!!!

Have a great day everyone and Terrell, I am so glad you are feeling better hun!!! And Doreen, have fun with your new PSCS3. No looking back now, you're gonna love Photoshop!!!


Tracy XX

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