Sunday, March 30, 2008

Regarding Freebies!!

Sigh well I am sorry to have to post this today but I feel I should clarify something regarding Freebies here on my blog... Firstly I love people to make layouts with my freebies and please don't take this the wrong way but if you are making layouts with my personal use freebies don't make your own freebies out of my kits without at least asking me if it's okay first. I was alerted to someone's blog which had a freebie Quickpage with my Summer Sea Breeze kit and was disheartened to think that they didn't ask if they could do that. I will review my tou file to make sure this is clear in future, sigh. Oh well I hope anyone who downloaded it enjoyed it nonetheless.
Onto a happier topic, Aimee is enjoying her last week here in Australia with us and we've been to the Blue Mountains and to Wollongong, although Wollongong was a bit of a nothing trip and my car squeaked the whole way, it was driving us crazy LOL. I think I really need to put it in for a wheel balance LOL. But I guess my poor little car doesn't get a lot of long trips and 2 long trips in the space of 3 days was maybe a bit much for it LOL. I got a lot of Aimee's photos of her trip to Kakadu and Ayers Rock (Uluru) so you'll see some of them shortly LOL. She flies home via Singapore tomorrow so we went out to dinner last night with Michael as he will be working when she goes.
Have you visited TerrellS blog, she has an awesome quickpage freebie up that she has created and it's just so lovely. And it would suit any season really!! Even if it is entitled Is it Spring!! LOL.
Okay well I'm off to do some layouts, Aimee is off to say cheerio to her friends today and so she'll be out until around 11 tonight so I'll get the housework done and maybe cut the lawn later too.
No rest for the Wicked LOL
Have a great Day

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