Monday, March 31, 2008

A quick Post

Just to say OMG I love Bercher Muesli now!!! I have only just discovered it and it's yummo!!

What I do is put 1/4 cup rolled oats a dash of cinnamon some apple juice and some yoghurt (I use no fat vanilla) into a bowl and mix cover and put in the fridge at night. The next morning I get it out and mix it then add some flaked almonds and some pumpkin seeds, (if I had linseeds it would be LSA I was adding) plus whatever fruit I want or that is handy and devour it. It's so Yummy!!!

Okay so My cousin Aimee is winging her way home to England. She was an absolute pleasure to have and basically did her own thing so there was nothing for me to have to do to entertain her so she was really the perfect guest LOL. She's probably in Singapore by now hopefully it won't be too cold when she arrives in London.

The local Mitre 10 Hardware store "Swaddlings Mitre 10" Burnt to the ground today and caused havoc in Botany Road and sent smoke swirling over the city of Sydney today. Such a Waste and the family that owned it lost their last Hardware store to fire too, such a shame.

Okay well that's it for now, I have to dash so I can do my injection for the night. I don't have my Ambo here to do it for me so it will take a little longer cause I have to get the guts up to stab it into my belly LOL. Weight watchers tomorrow so I think I'll get an early night too so that I don't eat anything else LOL.. I have to do some serious bike rides next to catch up on all the lost condition from not riding over the past week or so!!
Okay Toodles!!
Tracy XX :)

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  1. You made me hungry lol. I hope you enjoy your ride, it's raining here so I can't get out to walk yet. I want to start but..... you know how it is lol. Did you get your injection done?
    K Gotta go I have a lot to do ;) Miss you much!! Say hi to Mr Ambowife for me lol.


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