Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

A quiet one for us, we did see the fireworks on the tv and managed to make it to midnight but we didn't drink. Michael had to work the next day and so we had a quiet night in.

Well my little boy is a Licenced Driver!! Yup he passed his test on 2nd January so he is probably going to be spending every spare dollar on petrol. LOL He did it all mostly on his own too, it's a manual Licence and the only one of us that taught him anything manual was Michael, here in Sydney. I taught him the steering and all in the automatic before we got him Lessons in a manual car, and now he's free as a bird!! No more lifts from Anyone, although he'll probably be borrowing money for petrol all the time instead LOL. Here's a layout I did for the occassion.

I just sent it to him in an email so I am looking forward to a response LOL, it took me a while to do the flames on the L plates, but that's what he'll be doing with those LOL.

Things have quietened down a bit here now, I am not committed to anything outside cyberspace until February, when I go back to Hobart to help Mum move to Queensland. It'll be fun, like a bigger version of the roadtrip I did last year. So IVF is going on hold for another month.

More Big News, from Me this time, I won Layout of the Week a few weeks ago at, there were three winners so I was in good company. Also in the next MooTwoDesigns Newsletter I am their Featured Scrapper, so keep an eye out for that in the next week.

Okay here are some layouts from the last few weeks. This one I think is my favourite for the last few weeks, I am really pleased with how it turned out, of course it helps when the subject is so special and photogenic!!

Here is a layout of Amelia while she was visiting her Grandparents last year. She's just so pretty, isn't she!

Amelia is one of the three nieces we have on Michael's side of the family.

These two were created Using Terrell Sanzone's Posting Bonus Kit from her SAS sketch challenge, if you got the SAS newsletter you would have been able to download this as a freebie Kit, you have to participate in the challenge to get the other part, which is just as gorgeous as this section.
I used Terrell's Impressions Kit for this layout of Chris when he was still learning to walk.
Isn't he just adorable!!

TerrellS' Love Whimsy kit is used here to create a layout of Gabriella as our Flowergirl. Cuteness must run in our family LOL.Michael and his homeboys, these photos were taken on the walk down to the Rotunda at the Royal Tasmanian Botannical Gardens in Hobart, goofballs LOL!! None of them remembered the buttonhole roses so luckily Michael's Dad, John gave Michael his to wear, Chris forgot his too and My Mum's Corsage was left in the fridge as well, sigh, there's always something LOL.

This is a photo that I found amongst Tuffy's Dad's photos, hard copies, so I scanned it and did this layout, its the only photo that shows a closer look at me signing the register with our Celebrant showing me where to put my signature, Kath Venn was a lovely choice for our Celebrant. I used Shannon Fahrnbach's kits for this, including Ribbon Rounds Download a Day and her Grab Bag for November

And here's Robbie resting in the Sunshine in Mum's backyard, He's so darn cute!! Told you it ran in the family LOL. I used TerrellS' Roses for Mom kit here. I love the softness of this kit.

I am just in Love with...TerrellS' Love Whimsy Kit, it goes perfectly with the kit she created for me Tracy's Love.

Here we are signing the register again LOL. I know, I know, "More Wedding Layouts!" I hear you all moan but ya haven't seen these ones they are from Tuffy's Dad's hardcopies and it took me ages to do them cause I had to get the speckles and noise out of them before I could scrap them, so whisper if you want to I'm not listening ROFLMHO!!

I can see some Valentine layouts coming from this kit too with the heart theme running through it.

Hee Hee I just did this one for TerrellS's Sketch challenge over at Stone Accents Studio, Don't you love TerrellS' Template?!! I did this at, like, 2 am this morning so I was feeling overtired and a bit goofy hence the jokiness of it.

The pair in the sleigh is Hayley and her dog Nemo aka Rudolf LOL.

I used TerrellS's papers from her collaboration kit that she did with Shannon Fahrnbach called Cozy Christmas. The Background I recoloured with a pink overlay and the presents were part of one of TerrellS' Christmas Tree element which I extracted them from.

The Santa is from the Christmas Wrap kit by Deedee Smith.
Okay well I think that should keep everyone up to date for another week. I hope you are all having a great holiday season and if you are working don't work too hard.

Hugs all round!!



  1. I don't know how you do it. Your Lo's are fantastic. Lately with things going on here I just can't seem to concentrate so scrapping has taken a very back burner. It's not that I don't have the time for goodness sake but the mind doesn't seem to stay on track.
    Glad one of us can carry the torch. your Lo's are so beautiful.
    Congrats on LO of the week. I loved that one as soon as I saw it and featured scrapper well hey girl . Way to Go. Big Hug and kiss

  2. BTW love the new look of your blog.


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