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Okay, are you ready? Cause this is going to be a long post LOL!! I have been extra busy and have a lot of Layouts to share with you. So make sure you have a coffee ready to sit and spend 5 minutes at least reading this, LOL. Okay let's start with the Tease Factor over at Terrell's Blog, yes she is teasing everyone with a BIG SECRET, and the announcement is still coming soon, so we are all dying of curiosity, and can't wait to hear it because the longer we are teased with it the bigger it is becoming, in my mind at least LOL. So Hopefully after the weekend we might get some relief. Speaking of relief, if you have any cool weather, please blow it over to TN so that poor Doreen can have some relief from the swealtering heat they are suffering at the moment. I have been doing lots of LO's and trying to get organised before September, I am off to Melbourne for a girly weekend and then onto Hobart to visit with Mum and Chris for 3 weeks, so I need to get organised LOL.
Well Michael had his 45th Birthday yesterday and didn't have as exciting a night shift as he expected he would. He had a Chocolate Mud Cake at home with me, most of which is still there, and I sent one to work with him so they could all celebrate, which he really isn't into but I think his workmates are becoming accustomed to me sending treats to work for them LOL. Like his little School buddies. Well I got him a TAZ Candle that speaks so he loved that, he had a huge smile on his face LOL. I sent that to work with him too LOL. I got him a careflight teddy in scrubs for his ambulance and a huge dictionary for study, now that he is a Uni student too!!!
Alrighty then onto the Layouts, this one I had a lot of trouble with the photo, the Layout is of Michael receiving his Certificate for Paramedic Level 1, officially a fully fledged Ambo. But the auditorium was very dim and the photos turned out very dark, frankly anything inside seems to come out dark on our camera, wondering if it is time for a new one with better zoom. Anyway, this kit is by ScrapCarli at seasidescraps and called, patchwork, lots of stitching and bulldog clips and girly stuff but it seemed to work quite well here , I just used a lot of the red and blue being that it is an ambo Layout!!

Now you can see what I mean by girly, this is the same kit used to scrap Gabriella, I was quite pleased with how this one came out, she was mucking around in Mum's bedroom and there were quite a few pics taken, these were in a series of about 6 photos. She's growing up so fast...

I Love these photos of Ila and Claire, she went up to visit with Leanne Scott and the girls and went to Visit with Michael's cousing Dani and her family, Claire was still very new then, as you can see it was a bit tiring LOL. No but seriously I think it was just so very hot and humid that after a day out Ila was just pooped and had a lay down. This Kit is so cute!!

okay you didnt think you'd get away without there being some wedding ones did you LOL. This kit is Tuscany by Punky's Pixels of seasidescraps, And the pic is of Christine, Michael's Aunt, she is actually putting his dad's button hole on Michael as he forgot his, with all the things that need doing on the day everyone accept Michael's parents forgot to wear theirs, Thank god we girls had our bouquets, I'm pretty sure everyone would have notice that if we had forgotten them!!!

This is one of Ila's pics of Michael's Sister Leanne and her family taken last year. The kit is Summer Daze by Shannon Fahrnbach. Love the icecreams in this and it is such a fun kit!!!

A fun pic of Gabriella at an airport, Hmm judging from the beanie I'd say it's Hobart Airport LOL. And the kit is, Summer Treasures Berry, by Cheryl Whitesel. Cute kit!! If only she had been drinking strawberry milk LOL.

Here is TerrellS Heritage freebie kit from the go digital competition. Gabriella is at the show having a play on the clowns and counting up her score to see if she gets a prize, god love her!!!

Gabriella and her Mummy at Bonorong Park feeding some wallabies. This kit was a posting bonus from Demiurgia at seasidescraps. I think it goes really well with the colours in the background of the photo.
These are such fun photos of Chris and My Mum at our wedding. He danced the bridal waltz with his Gran and then later got down I just love the photos so much. My Mum was so beautiful on our wedding day, I just love the outfit she wore!! The kit is by TerrellS and is called Summer Whispers, it was from round 1 at godigital.

I appologise if I am doubling up on any LO's too, not sure if I posted this one before, this I did for a challenge where you had to use at least 7 pics without making it look too cluttered. The kit is Sharon's Jammies by Rebecca Myers. I love this kit too!!! The photos are the series of pics taken with Nan and Pop Thomson!

My Little boy after the ceremony. Christopher came with us to have pictures taken, he was holding the umbrella to keep us dry too. Such great pics that I had to scrap them and the Roses for Mom kit By TerrellS was just perfect for it!!

Here's some of the girls from the band who were guests at our wedding, this pic is at the Botanical Gardens and the girl on the left is Melissa and her boyfriend (now her Hubby) took a lot of great pic at the wedding including this one, which you can probably tell from the look on her head. I used a lot of pieces from TerrellS kits for this, she does such grea kits and they all coordinate so well too!!

This one is a LO I did for a friend Sharon, these are her boys volunteering at an animal shelter in the States, great pics of them playing and caring for the animals, the LO above is of Brian and the cats! The Kit is Tommy by Saskia Bokkers at seasidescraps.
The Layout below was created with Felty Dog Kit by Chris M Stone. I love this felty kit!!!
The dog in the layout is Maverick and he was the boys' favourite dog at the shelter, he was adopted by a loving family!Look at him he is loving the attention!!
Here is Sharon's Daughter Chelsea's 17th birthday at Cee Cee's (a pizza place in the US) I did a 2 page LO for it using Accoutrements and Girly Denim by TerrellS, I just love these kits of Terrell's, she's so talented!!!

And What do you know, her birthday is the same date as mine LOL, that was freaky! LOL!!
Happy Birthday Chelsea & me!!!
Okay we made it to the end of the post, how many times did you stop LOL??? I am hopefully going to try and keep up to date, but then again I always say that don't I.
Have a great day and stay safe, oh and Doreen, try and stay cool!!!
Tracy :)

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