Saturday, August 25, 2007

Okay So I've been Lazy!!!

You know how it is, I have had an inspiration drought
these last few days and Michael has been off and home
so I tend to feel a little guilty if I spend every minute
on the computer when he's home LOL. Mind you a lot of
the time he is studying too, so there ya go!!! Even!!

Well If you want a freebie run over to TerrellS blog and
grab a QP or two, she has posted 8 so far so better be
quick LOL.

Alright well I am going okay with the Weight Watchers so
far, actually I am finding it quite easy but then I haven't
had to go out to eat or supress my Chocoholic fantasies of
late LOL. So the big test will probably come when I am in
Melbourne, I know that I will not have to worry when i am
at my Mum's as she is always eating healthy so it should be
smooth sailing there and she walks almost every day too, so
I will actually have company LOL. No, Michael doesn't come
along with me on my walks LOL. I was a bit peeved today as
I got a little not from the PO letting me know we had a package
there and so I decided I would walk so I did. It's the right
distance for my walk so that will be my walk out of the way for
the day LOL. Little did I know until I got there that they are the
only PO in the whole of Sydney that isn't open on Saturday
morning. GRRR. Anyway so I didn't have to worry about the walk
being broken. LOL.
So that's that, I am hoping for a great loss on Monday when I
weigh Myself. I have a good feeling LOL.
And I don't know if it is just in my mind but I feel like I've lost
weight LOL.

Onto Scrapbooking LOL.
Here is the first one.

This is my Mum and her great Aunt, I used
Demiurgia's Frangipani kit for these.


Auntie Sadie Using Dablues By TerrellS.


These are my cousin's Girls feeding the ducks in
Northern Ireland.
The kit is Summer Whispers by Terrells.
Beautiful Glitter Kit by Scrap Carli is the one used to
scrap this pic of my Mum and My cousin's daughter Carli,
no you aren't seeing double, that's her
name too!! LOL!!


The same kit Beautiful Glitter by Scrap Carli and this one
is of my cousin Jacqueline, top pic is with my mum and
bottom pic is with her mum My aunt Betty.


Quiter's Stash by Calico Designs (Christine M Stone)
available at sss.
This is Carli again with mummy this time LOL.


Another LO of Gabby learning to knit!! This is Quilter's Choice
by Calico Designs again.


Alright this is a pic of my Grandparents on my Mum's side,
don't you love old heritage pics LOL!!
The kits used are all Terrells -
Summer Whispers, Heritage Freebie,
Announcement Blog Freebie

Okay so that's it for me, I have to get going on some other
things now so have a great day!!!

HUGS_N1.gif picture by ambowife

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  1. I love what you are doing with the kits. I absolutely love your heritage LO.
    Too bad about the PO but at least the trip wasn't wasted since you needed the walk. Wish I was there to walk with you as it's so much more fun with a buddy. I miss that as my friend Joanne would walk with me when we were in there is nobody to walk with. I;m sure the numbers will be lower on Monday when you weigh in. *hugs* Love ya


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