Monday, August 27, 2007

3.6 KG Lost!!! Woohoo!!

Yes what a start to my Weight Loss Journey, I've dropped 3.6 kg, that's nearly 8 pounds for eveyone in the imperial world!!! I am amazed as It was not that hard. just have to keep it up I guess!! So we have our first visit with our new IVF doctor today and I will feel better being able to tell her I lost some weight this week!! Cause I just know the first thing out of her mouth will be "Tracy you need to lose a lot of weight!" as in their booklet it says you can't start if you are over 20% overweight! Sigh!!! Oh well I've made a start anyhow, just have to keep making good healthy choices, right!!?
Okay off to do some housework argh!!!
I got all my QP 4 X 6's done for TerrellS so that's good, one thing achieved yesterday anyway!!
Have a great Day eveyone!!



  1. yipee ki yeah! 8 lbs. Way to go Tracy. maybe you'll get me going again too.
    Wow you have been busy. I've only gotten 4 of the brag book QP's done. I used them to do a few LO's while I tested them and posted on my blog. I won't post them elsewhere yet.

    keep it up girl. I'll be the official cheerleader for the Tracy WW club. Good luck with the Dr's visit.

  2. Wooohooo 8 lbs!! That's a beautiful thing! Can't wait to hear what the doctor says when you tell her that! The QPs you did are AWESOME!! Thanks a bunch!


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