Thursday, May 31, 2007

LO of Family and Friends

My Mum, My Cousin and My Aunt in a pic taken at our Wedding. I just love the colours in the photo. Great Frocks girls. A Happy Snap for sure.
This one is using TerrellS Romance Collection which is absolutely gorgeous and Blingy. also the Bottom Right Paper is from her Wedding Freebie. This is also a scrap lift of the Adorable LO By GinaCartlin. Gina also does CT LO's for HODS and TerrellS.

A Layout of my Dearest Friend Jo and her Hubby Brett. The photos were taken at our anniversary dinner which was attended by family and the Bridal Party to celebrate our Third Anniversary, since we were home to celebrate.
This kit is TerrellS's Nostalgia, with lovely tones in the papers and Ribbons. Available at the stores at HODS and DSC.

Here I have done a LO of Gabbi learning to knit last time she was down visiting with Gran. The photos are great Mum! Love all that concentration on her face.

As for us , we are well and Michael is working away. We are thinking of going to a new IVF Clinic in Hurstville to give it another try. A friend of Michael's from work went through this centre and recommended her Dr to us. It will be interesting as the DR and all of the staff are female. So I'm hoping that we will achieve some success this time.
So the ciggies will be out the window when we go to this clinic and we'll see if my doses are smaller. They have a website but there isn't really a huge amount of info on it. Guess we'll see what they say. I just hope I don't have to go through all of the testing again, like we did before starting the first year of IVF. Surely they can just get our results from the other Clinic. But who knows.
Hugs to all and hoping you are all well and enjoying life!

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