Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hello Again. Ready for the next installment!!?

Well here we are another weekend. And Happy Mother's Day to all for Tomorrow. I am finally back up and running with my PSCS2. The little sucker was being a pain and closing whenever I tried to add text to the LO. Very anoying especially when I hadn't saved it! GRRR! So I think it's all good now. I really am going to have to cut my fingernails, I keep hitting the key above when I am typing. Plus I think it bugs DH as all he hears is the nails hitting the keys LOL. Also on the agenda today is colouring my hair. Yes If you've seen any recent pics of me she's a bit white around the hairline LOL. So just for my Mum for mother's day I am going to dye it again. There ya go mum!! No really, there's a card in the mail with a little something in it. I have a few more LO's to show. Surprised!!?? No I didn't think so. I downloaded some lovely kits from HODS yesterday during their 45% off sale. Huge savings and I then spent the rest of yesterday downloading them. Tee Hee. Couldn't wait!

The first one I did with TerrellS Romance Collection and it's of me and Leanne. I called this Friendship. I don't know if she will see it on the web. I might have to print it out and send it to her. The photo was taken at Chris' 18th Birthday Dinner at the Maypole Pub!

And this one is done with one of the kits I bought yesterday. Just love the colours don't you? this kit is Designed by Sarah Grimwood and is called Pistachio Cove (fabulous name eh?!) And of course the pic is mum with Chris just after coming home from the hospital. Yes he had dead straight hair and lots of it!!
Well I might post again this afternoon or tonight, we'll see how I go. Otherwise I hope you wake up to breakie in bed or something as good and have a lovely Mother's Day.

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