Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Okay I know I never blog enough!! We are both well and looking forward to Michael's Holidays Woo Hoo!! And The Dogs go off on theirs soon too. I have done some Scrapbook Pages. Surprise Surprise. The one above had to have a movie quote in it. This one is obviously Romeo and Juliet.

Okay this one should tell you what Chris is up to lately. He got a job as an IT Trainee with the Department of Education. So Proud!! And He's loving every minute!! When they are on holidays he goes into the headquarters and does office admin stuff. So that's a bonus multiskilling!!
Just a pretty one I did of us with a cutout of my bouquet.
One of my absolute favourites of the wedding pics. Michael and Pop after the ceremony and just before we had our picture taken with Nan and Pop. That's Michael's Name Place Card from the wedding after I scanned it. Turned out quite well I think.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the fresh breaths of Autumn. Hugs.



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