Friday, April 17, 2009

A Layout and a Speed Scrap Chat announcement!!

Well yesterday I took our terrier Shona for a beauty treatment. she got the works at the local beauty salon for dogs, and look at the difference. She is looking younger with all that grey cut off.
She's off to stay at the kennel next week so I thought it would make it easier for all concerned if she had a trim and her nails trimmed up too. So I am now thinkin will she be too cold LOL.
Not looking too shabby for a 14 year old is she!?
Also check this out on Saturday, gotta love a speed scrap chat at OSS

check it out at 8 PM EST in the chat room at

I have a posting bonus for those who complete a layout.
Also for those trying to get the lilypond Welcome/Thankyou gift at SAS please be patient, there is so much traffic that it has slowed the site a little.
Have a great day and I'll pop back later with some more news

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  1. love how you did the ct team. we are so cute. I will have to find time to work with my blogg. I'm trying to finish printing out the wedding photos for the 1st wedding i photographed..she wanted over 200 pictures, she still has to pick out the 8x10s...and then i have to get together with the 2 wedded couple and pick out which photos they want. ugh!!


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