Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I survived!!

My Darling Husband down the Huon Valley on our Anniversary 09

Yes I survived 6 whole days without touching a computer or seeing anything online. We didn't have time to miss it really. With catching up with friends and Christopher, then when Michael's parents came home we were busy catching up with them. So it was a busy whirlwind visit and we are sort of glad to be home and back in our comfort zone as is usually the case with visits. It was pretty cold down in Tassie too, 2 degrees last night and thank god for my MIL Ila and her hot water bottles LOL.

I will post a few pics for you all, Christopher scored a job with an IT department of a water company till the end of June so he was working most of the time we were there, we only caught up with him on Anzac Day and Sunday when we went to the markets and last night when he and his girlfriend Jess came over for dinner. Well for a more indepth blow by blow description you'll have to check out TAZ's blog for his timtable LOL.

Christopher really needed a haircut so there are before and after pics of him. Plus some of my friends I went and visited. Not many of us together though as there was nobody around on our Anniversary to take a pic. We spent the day driving down the Huon Valley and had dinner that night at the pub down the road with a few quiet drinks back home at Michael's parents place. We had their house for the first three days to ourselves till they came home from their caravanning trip on the Sunday.
Michael, Me, John and Ila, just before we came home.

Me at Ida Bay Railroad Cafe, on our anniversary 24th April 09

Me and Jo at Habitat Warehouse Store

Chris's Hair when we got to Tassie, this is about half an hour after I saw it, we are at the hairdressers getting it cut !!! Yes Motherly rights still apply when it comes to his hair being this out of control.After, much better don't you think!!??

Okay gotta go, I am getting a migraine!!! rushing about too much trying to get stuff done I guess.

Have a great day!!


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