Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Very Quiet one for us, Michael is working and I am working LOL. What's new I hear you say, nothing but he is goin on holidays shortly and will be hell to live with. You see he doesn't do Holidays well. He gets bored and what else can you expect from a work-a-holic. Should be interesting actually, we are going to Tassie to see Christopher and are Staying at his parents' place, but they will be away so I can see us getting really bored together. I am not taking my laptop cause we got cheap cabin baggage only fares LOL. I wonder if we will have killed eachother by the end of that week.
No we should be okay, hopefully everyone we want to visit will be home and we can go do a driving tour or something if they aren't. We're sleeping on a sofa bed so I'm not too sure how much quality sleep we'll get. sigh
Now enough of that onto business LOL.
A new kit. This is called Just Jo. Jo is one of my Greatest real life friends, you know what I mean she's not an online friend. We used to work together, she was my Boss!!! And my bridesmaid too. Whenever I get a text message it is usually Just Jo checking in on us. So that's where the name came from. It's a pretty kit with rich papers and elements. Plus an alpha. It has 18 papers and 38 elements.
Here's a preview and a layout, some close ups too. It's going to be in all stores by tomorrow night but it's already up at SAS and it'll be 40% off till 22nd April.

Check out the links in the margin at the top of the page for my store links.

Now last year around this time we went for a romantic night in the Blue Mountains northwest of sydney in an 1800's bath house, huge mansion of a Hotel with wonderful architecture and furnishings. you might remember the layouts and photos I posted if you were reading my blog last year. Anyway we got the whole restaurant to ourselves because we went on a Wednesday in cold weather so it wasn't very busy and it is quite expensive but let me tell you it was soo worth it. We had everything we could, even port after dinner in front of the open fireplace in the lobby. Just like in a chick flick LOL. So this is the dessert we ordered and shared between us, way too rich to eat all of it on our own on top of the luscious dinner we had.

It's our anniversary on 24th April so we will be in Tassie for it this year. 5 years already.

Okay that's it for now, gotta go get this kit up and do some other stuff.
Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

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  1. gorgeous colors in your new kit Tracy!


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