Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's Going On? and another freebie

Well it's all happening here. What a busy time. Next Thursday is my Mum's 60th Birthday, and I wish I could go up to Brissie and see her, I was actually going to go up and surprise her, but SURPRISE!! I can't. We have our egg retrieval on Wednesday and the transfer on Friday so I am stuck. To make it worse I am stuffed full of follicles (which is great!!) but I am so uncomfortable and can't sleep. Good for you guys though cause it means I do more designing and freebies for you. Soo I sent her some gorgeous flowers and a card and will catch up with her later. And Christopher, my little boy, is turning 21 on 15th February. We've had a tough few months with him losing his job and having trouble finding a new one as well as trying to get out of the house he is in. Just can't afford it!! But things are looking up there. So we are going to go down and see him after his birthday. Trying to fit it in so we can both go down. Not an easy feat with a work-a-holic like Mike!! LOL. Plus I have another 60th party on 7th February. Geesh, what a busy time.
I got my new banner from Lisa Kane and it's rockin'!!! Don't you love what she's done with it!!
It's been high 30's here temperature wise and very hard to sleep, besides feeling like a beached whale and waking up soaked in sweat, Yuck!! Hopefully we'll get a southerly change later today to cool it down a little.
Okay so I have another Quickpage freebie for you all using "A Kiss Is Just A Kiss" and it's add-on. You can grab the add-on from my stores for free too by the way!!
Here's a layout I did with it too.

The SAS-y Newsletter is out and full of freebies as always so grab your copy HERE

It's Australia Day on Monday. So we have a long weekend. Not that it makes much difference when you work from home and your hubby is a shiftworker but there it is!!
Okay gotta run and get some other stuff done and maybe some housework too.

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe

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