Friday, January 30, 2009

Well we got 11 eggs, out of that 8 were injected, out of the eight only 3 fertilised. So we will have them put in tomorrow and wait and see!!

There is a heap going on over at TTS this weekend. Its superbowl weekend in the US and what better to do when the fellas are in front of the football than chat and attend an online crop and check out the sales. I have 40% off everything regularly priced at $2.00 or more so you can go wild really!! I also have a challenge over there scrap the season in the opposite hemisphere to where you live and post a link to it in the thread and you'll get this cute posting bonus.

Now onto something that nearly drove me insane this week. When we got home from the hospital after my egg retrieval operation, I went to do something on my computer and my external hard drive wasn't working. It was a western digital 500mg (That would be GB darlin', mg is a measure of weight, AmboHusband) (yeah alright GB, what are you doing editing my posts!!!) elements with a power ac adapter for power. Well the cord died and they apparantly don't make them anymore so I went searching on the web only to find nothing. Eventually came across a whole group of consumers with the same problem and they were rehouseing the hard drive into a new case. So that's what I did and yay I have it back. Now I am copying everything onto a DVD tonight!! I am so slack but I don't ever want to feel like that again.

Okay hugs and kisses


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