Saturday, January 17, 2009

SAS Newsletter is up - freebies within

The SAS Newsletter is up and ready for your reading pleasure and your shopping pleasure and your freebie hunting pleasure LOL.
You can jump to it HERE and then choose if you want to read it online or as a PDF file.
I have a freebie in there too so snag that and all the others.
There are some cool sales going on too so make sure your comfy with a cuppa and don't miss a thing!!
As you can see we have a blog hop coming up next month so February is going to be a month full of fun!! But you'll have to wait and see what I mean!!
To those of you who get email notification of my blog updates, I am so sorry for the one that came out yesterday saying I was away in Queensland. I have no idea why Blogger decided to send that one out when I posted it way back in November. Must be gremlins in the machine somewhere. But at least it didn't post it on the blog LOL

I got my hair cut yesterday, oh and treated and coloured and got some foil highlights too, to disguise the grey when it comes back. My grey isn't really grey it is more WHITE!! It cost me a bomb but I am really happy with it and can still manage to put it up if I want to when I am bikeriding with Michael!! Thanks to Ali, the young 21 year old Hairdresser who did it for me. He made it such a fun experience too, which is saying something for me and hairdressing appointments. LOL
And Yes he did notice when he got home last night. A bit hard not to, it is quite a lot shorter and cut into a style, which I usually don't really bother with but thought I was looking very old and haggard ( I did, not Michael LOL)
Okay I'll try and get a decent photo and update my avatars everywhere and here on the blog.
Okay signing off now. Have a great weekend all and Maybe I'll have something else for you later today!!

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