Sunday, December 07, 2008

I'm Treasured!!!

I have been awarded again

Okay I got an award from Dawne of

The rules are that I give it to five other bloggers I admire so here goes.

Taz the Ambo - My Hubby's blog, always a good read.

Terrell - My Mentor, Terrell is a wonderful friend and I love her, I just wish one day I'll get to meet her and her wonderful family. You never know, maybe one day!!

Beachnut - Another wonderful friend and up and coming designer. Doreen's blog is another great read and freebie trove.

Christelle - Christelle does some awesome layouts for me and has a wonderful blog.

Gail - Gail has just started her blog, she is on my CT and does some lovely layouts for me too!!

I just wish I could give it to more than 5 people LOL.

Thanks Dawne Mwah!!!


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  1. Wow Tracy, Thanks for the award! This is a surprise!! I couldn't believe when I got home and got your message. Thank you for all your support and kind comments - I really appreciate it!


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