Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I May be away but...

I'm still in the Designer Spotlight over at TTS so while you are reading up on me and asking questions guess what... if you tell LauraM which of my kits is your favourite, you could win it!! Also there is a surprise waiting in that thread too!!
As for the rest of my stores well, I still have 50% off over at SAS till 16th November and also I have my two newest kits Bashful Romance and Mandarin Dream on sale at TTS for 50% off for the rest of November to celebrate being in the spotlight!! So you really can't lose when it comes to sales from me at the moment LOL.

As I mentioned before and also My Darling Sweetness Taz the Ambo mentioned it in his hijack post below. I am in Queensland visiting with my Mum. I haven't seen her since I drove her up here in February so it was about time I came up and checked out her new digs and made sure she was adjusting to being a Queenslander alright. Well she has slipped into the lifestyle here like it is a warm bath. LOL. She is very active in social things around the area she is living in and has frequent contact with my brother Steve and his family, including my eight year old niece so she is absolutely loving life here!! Which is a huge comfort to me.
We did a few big drives while I was here including a drive up to the Sunshine Coast and a drive to visit my wonderful Friend and Sis Danielle and her Mum, who I have called Mum since the year dot!! I hadn't seen them in over a year, before the weight watchers thing started, so 20kg ago LOL. And yes the excess that went on in IVF mode has dropped off again thank god!!
Tomorrow is full too with some things to get done in the day and then a dinner at my brother's place at night. Thursday will be filled too, so you see my dears, I only get time to do my designing duties during the night when I go to my room for bed, which usually waits an hour or two for me to check the emails and do some work. Busy, Busy, Busy. But loving it all LOL!!
Here's a few pics of us, ashamed to say I haven't taken that many pics but too busy doing things to think of snapping them. I'll try harder tomorrow LOL.
I was given a performance the second night I was here from my niece on her violin!! Bravo!!!

But she decided she didn't like the idea of the surf when it was a bit rough, the Crabs might get her!!! So she had a play on the playground equipment instead, so no photos of that...
Me on the little fishing pier at
a park mum found where she can let the dog off the lead in a special area. Lovely place, and as you can see my new transition lenses in my glasses are surviving the Queensland Sun very nicely too!!
Have a great day where ever you are!! Mwah!! See you when I am home safe and sound!!

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