Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wah! I'm not going too well in the vote

I know it is because I am not as great at this as the girls in the lead. There are some truly awesome kits this week and I am not going as well as I had hoped. I don't know if it is just that they have a lot of family and friends voting and I only have you guys and my hubby to vote for me LOL. So if you haven't voted yet register here and get your vote in here. voting ends at 3am friday here in australian time and 12 noon thursday US time.

Cush464 thanks hun for letting me know my first elements zip file for Lazy Sundays at 4shared wasn't working, I am updating that link now and it should be working in a few hours. I wish everyone who found a dead link would let me know, it's the only way I would know, after all it was working for over 290 downloads.

Okay I am off to make some stuff to post as freebies in about a few hours from now so keep your eyes peeled LOL. This will be the last of the freebies people and on Friday night, (thursday US time) all of the links will be removed so I have stuff to put in my store. Even if it won't be at SAS!!
Many Hugs and kisses for the support you have shown or are going to by voting.

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