Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hmmm Well that's interesting!!

I have jumped up to 91 votes today, I am only 17 votes away from being a contender. That would put me in 3rd place. So if you haven't voted yet, you have just over 3 hours to get registered at and then head to the voting page at this link and vote for A Charmed Life by Ambowife Designs. Wouldn't it be awesome to be a Sassy Lady Designer at the site I have been a member at from it's birth!!

Well I have been working on some stuff for the TTS Treasure Chest for November, that's scary isn't it, November!! It's really exciting working at a site. All such a new experience for me.

My freebies from the contest will be taken down at 6pm central time today, so if you want any of the freebies from the last month, get your rocket boots on and do it now. I will leave the Fallen Heroes one up as I don't think I should take that one down due to the theme of the kit and how many people it may bring a little joy to. But the rest will be going into my store at TTS and anywhere else I ever end up with a store at.

So, remember to vote if you haven't already. Thank you to all of you who have votes so far throughout the whole contest and I hope you have enjoyed this exciting month as much as I have.
Many Hugs

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