Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lest We Forget and Freebie Vote Update

Sadly Michael's Pop Lost his fight with a nasty dose of pneumonia on Tuesday night at 11.45. Pop had Parkinson's Disease too so the fact that he fought this infection for 3 weeks has been incredibly difficult for his family He was a wonderful loving man and we will all miss him terribly. Michael will miss the special connection he had with his Pop and Now has lost all of his grandparents. He will fly down home tomorrow to be with family for the funeral service. My thoughts will be nowhere but with them all at this aweful time. But I am required to stay home and have my IVF Tests so I will be there in spirit only.
I did this layout with a wonderful photo michael's Mum Ila gave him of Pop when he was serving in the war. A very special picture of him and he even has a pen in his pocket, now I know where Michael gained that habit from.

I have to wonder how much of it was of a broken heart at losing his beloved wife. So I did this layout today for them to display when they have the photo collage during the funeral service.
Nan and Pop have lived in seperate Nursing homes for the past 7 years and due to frailty saw eachother seldom, mainly easter, christmas, birthdays etc so in a strange way it is comforting to think that they may be together again at last.
May they both rest in peace, lifelong lovers finally together again.
Onto other things...
My Freebie FALLEN HEROES, which I used in the above layout is available free HERE


You only have one day left to grab these freebies, there are 34 kits in the GALLERY for free download and you can vote for as many as you like in the POLL for their competition HERE

Any support is greatly appreciated!!


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