Thursday, September 25, 2008

Add On 2 FREEBIE updated links

Okay it was brought to my attention today that my link in 4shared for this download wasn't letting you guys all download it. so I have uploaded it again and here is the updated link THAT WORKS . I am so sorry for the inconvenience to you all who tried to download the addon No 2

DOWNLOAD HERE sorry this file is no longer available
for the full kit please visit my TTS Store

remember you still have time to vote.

Check out the top post for the links to SAS Designer Competition week 3 voting page.

Thanks everyone




  1. thanks, got it now, thought it was just my problem. Now, hope that all the problems at SAS get cleared up.

  2. thanks, I'm going around in circles trying to leave a comment. Don't know if the first one registered.

  3. That works! Thanks very much. Your work is lovely and I really appreciate everything you offer. I am working on a new blog, which is going slowly, but will link your site. Best of luck in all you do!

  4. Thank You so very much for sharing this beautiful add-on...I will be using these elements in many of my layouts!!
    Thanks! Sherry

  5. Thank you for this beautiful kit and the add-ons!


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