Friday, May 23, 2008


Okay, if you've been reading Michael's blog you'll know some of this already, but here goes.
Christopher is coming up to see us for 5 days from Sunday, yes THIS SUNDAY!!! WOO HOO!!
I miss him so much and he is starting his new job on Monday 2nd June so this is his last chance for the next 12 months to come up to Sydney. But that's not all!!!!!
He found somewhere to rent!!! yay!! That's the last of our worries with Chris and not having a permanent home. He has been staying with a friend and his family and paying them board. So now he will return from Sydney and move into his HOUSE!!! Yeah a house!! So he'll get all his stuff out of the storage place and be settled in a fashion before he starts work. I have to tell him to set up his Hydro so he'll have some hot water etc but other than that he's set!! I am soooo relieved!! And so excited for him!!!

Yup that's him, that's our Christopher!!! He has a goatie in this pic which is now gone, but I liked the look of it on him LOL!! The kit here is Terrell Sanzone's Signs of Spring.Here is a layout I did for a challenge over at Mootwodesigns. Bindi Irwin with a banded iguana
This one is for a family tree challenge. Took me ages to extract that tree and then get the look I wanted but I am very happy with the outcome!!
This one is of our remaining Pup Shona, she had just had her hair and feet trimmed, not really impressed LOl. The kit here is Signs of Spring from Terrell Sanzone again.
Here's another one of Chris, referring to his impending visit!! The kit here is Shannon Fahrnbach's How does your garden grow? and I used her Feeling Hingy hinges for the clipboard creation. Those are shannon's ribbons too from her Spring Ribbons CU selection.

okay well that's it for now off to see if I can make you all a freebie now so maybe you might want to check back tomorrow!!!

Oh and tomorrow (23rd in the us and 24th here in Australia) at 930 pm (us est) and 12.30pm Aussie time (east coast) I am participating in a chat over at Rackscraps so if you feel inclined drop over and join me and Shannon Fahrnbach for a Scrapppers Spotlight chat and a cuppa!!

have a great day

Tracy :)

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