Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Man's a Star

Yup if you think you saw Taz on "BondiRescue" on Tuesday night, you were right, episode 12, my hubby treating a kid David who had fractured his arm at the skatepark there. He's about half way through the episode. So go check it out if you didn't see it. He's the Ambulance Officer with the long plaited hair. Just click on BondiRescue to be taken to their rerun sight.

Alright onto the scrapping here are this weeks layouts.
I have discovered Artist's Trading Cards and I have done a few for challenges over at rakscraps
I think I have found a new challenge and addiction LOL.
Okay so the Australian Animal ones are a little sneak preview of things to come in my designs. and the one with the beautiful Collie is of Liza Jane, a friend of mine's dog who is now over the rainbow bridge and hopefully having fun with our Hope playing all eternity.
This one with the red is of Me and Dani and Her mum Gai, who is like my second mum LOL. I basically lived at their place for a lot of my childhood weekends LOL.

This one is of my Mum and Jack at her farewell in Hobart. I love these pics, and the kit is Signs of Spring from Terrell Sanzone.
Another layout using Terrell Sanzone's Signs of Spring. This is my Auntie Helen at my parent's Wedding in Glasgow Scotland, 30th March 1968. She was about 16 in this pic. Love the beehive!!
Here is Lachlan with a kit by Shannon Fahrnbach called Egg me On. Isn't he a cutie pie!??

And yes that's Christopher when he was a wee boy!! What a gorgeous child, LOL, can you tell this one is our son who is now 20 years old, I feel like I'm an old woman LOL.

Oh and did I mention that the Koala Trading card made Layout of the Day at Divine Digital!!! Click here to see the post!! Woo Hoo.

Okay off to do some scanning now since Michael is at work and I can use the study for a while LOL. Or at least before I have to tape Numbers. Have a great day, Or night depending where you are LOL

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  1. LOL How cool is that? The TAZ MAN was on TV. Awesome! Love the accent lol when are you all coming here?


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