Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Whoops!! Sorry

Okay so here's the thing... the freebie files for the papers had to be redone!! "Why?" I hear you ask. well I stuffed them up when I created them and didn't realise until I was doing a layout with one. Okay so the original files I set to 3600pixels and 12CM yes CM instead of inches, grrr. So mad with myself for not double checking that so they will still work if you have already downloaded them, just past them onto a 3600px X 3600 px 12inch X 12inch 300dpi document and your fine. But if you want the fixed ones at the right resolution and size you may want to redownload the files for the papers, I only have 2 more files to upload so the ones in the post below are fine and once these other two are up I will repost the links. I just don't want anyone else getting the littler ones LOL. Sorry everybody. I promise to make it up to you tomorrow with a freebie, and yes it will be the right size LOL.
Okay thanks for your patience everyone!! sigh

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