Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Watch This Space LOL!!

Well it is 7.30 here in Sydney and Michael has scored an overtime shift so I have all day to play with all the new kits TerrellS has posted for Me and Doreen to play with so I will be here for a while today and should post some layouts later in the day!! So Watch this space LOL!!
We had an interesting day yesterday, I got up and went to my Weight Watchers Meeting. I put on 300g, damn it!! But I have to say I haven't been the best at tracking this last week and was skipping meals so I think I was taking in too much in my evening meal LOL!! So When I got back I had to get lunch done and then off to see my friend Sue. She works for Meals on Wheels for the elderly and was stuck at work for 2 hours with not much to do so I caught up with her while she worked and answered a total of only two calls LOL!! Oh well she's being paid to sit there I guess!! After that I got home and immediately changed into my biking gear and we drove down to the end of our usual ride and proceeded to ride to Kurnell to see what we thought about adding it to our already 26km ride. From there to Kurnell is about the same distance so we would be doubling the distance. There were steady inclines and I seemed to handle them alright but I don't think I would after riding the other distance already so we are going to just add some of it to our existing ride!! As long as we are increasing the distance a little it will help with improving our conditioning so we don't get too comfortable with the ride and our bodies are still working. I know for a fact that it must be doing something cause I feel less jiggling of my legs as I pedal LOL!! So there must be less flabby fat there mustn't there !!!!?
Okay well I'm off to play for a while and then do some designing later this after noon, hope everyone is well and will post back later with some layouts!!
Tracy :)

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