Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Off the air for 3 weeks!!

Yup that's right I head off to Tassie tomorrow to find Chris somewhere to live and help mum move to Queensland driving so I will be off the air for 3 weeks total, although I may have access and be able to check my emails but that's probably all I'll have time to do LOL.

So to keep you all going for a little while here is what I did over the last few days. Shannon Fahrnbach's Corrugated Glitter Papers and bobby pins by me.
Shannon Fahrnbach's "How does your garden grow?" My bouquet!
Terrell Sanzone's "Blue Fantasy" Kit, this is Renee and Simon at our wedding LOL. I love this pic of Renee!!
This is some stuff I made the other day to use with these photos of MY MEN!
Ah Romance, Michael's singing Nick Cave's "Into My Arms"
while we have our Bridal waltz!! This is my Precious Paisley Paper and the ribbon and feathers are from my Dear Diary Kit!
Okay so that's it for now gotta run and make sure I haven't forgotten to pack anything LOL!
Have a great 3 weeks, I'll be back soon LOL!!

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  1. WOW what a great bunch of layouts ;) Love the kits Tracy! I am already missing you so.... pout... Big hugs and I hope Chris finds someplace nice soon ;)


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