Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Remember Me LOL

I know you all must think I got sucked into a black hole or something, but to tell you the truth I have just been super concentrating on the Diet Fitness and IVF this last few months. We have changed Clinics and made a lot of life changes to improve our chances of getting Preggers so I figured since we are making all these changes and sacrifices and Michael is having to work his butt off to pay for it all I guess I should give it My All. So I have. We are due to have our hopes crushed on Thursday, and if by some twist of fate I don't have a visit from the witch, (you ladies will know her as intimately as I) we are due a test on Friday. So I guess now that I have said it out loud it will all come crashing down around my ears. sigh.

Well Onto other news. As you will have seen Michael has had a few interesting events happen in his work life lately, the Presentation of the Zoll Watch you will see in a layout shortly. LOL.

I don't however, have a pic of Julia, she did get me to take a pic of her but I haven't got a copy of it from her. It's an interesting time with 2 students in the house and trying to do assignments at the same time lol.

Weight Watchers - well it's slow and steady wins the race, sigh. I have lost 7.7kg total, but it's taken me 3 months. Although I have to admit I did retain a lot of water and bloat on the drugs I was on for he IVF. I am hoping that I will be preggers and won't mind that kind of weight gain. I have come across some great recipes along the way too, guess I should think about posting them sometime LOL.
Christopher has finally bought his first car!!! So exciting and he did it all on his own. He asked Michael's Dad to check it out for him too just to make sure it wasn't a total lemon and it looks like a great deal for a first car. Here it is, lol I made him go take pics and send them to me. Kit is TerrellS Tracy's Love.
Well apart from TerrellS moving house to another state and being incomunicado, (no internet yet) I am sort of keeping updated by Doreen, I jump on and visit Doreen's blog to see how things are going for her and Her Hubby and as a bonus get an update on TerrellS too, LOL. Doreen (beachnut999) has updated her blog and changed her header I noticed today. I am enjoying catching up on their comings and goings over in the states.
Okay here are some layouts. Now I have a few I guess since I haven't been on her for a while so I probably won't put them all up, just a few hee hee.

These are layouts of Melissa and Nick's wedding. Nick took a lot of pics at our wedding. This is Tracy's love Kit by TerrellS. It just goes so well with Melissa's dress!!

And here are some pics of Hayley's Japan trip she went on with her mum. This one is at Tokyo Disneyland and the kit is by Shannon Fahrnbach, November Grab Bag.

Okay this is jut Michael after we returned from a bike ride. Just a half hour one as it started to really pour and it is so much harder to ride when you are drenched oh and when your brake is stuck in the on position LOL, that was me anyway. This is TerrellS Kit Autumn Freebie and the matts are from her corrugated set.

Okay well that's it from me, I am off to bed now, sigh, so tired lately, and no it's not a sign LOL.

Have a great day!!

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