Friday, June 22, 2007


Okay I just did a Quickpage for a challenge and thought that some of you might like to have it to use. I haven't really been doing any designing after the last Potpourri Freebie I posted here. So I hope you like it.

Okay remember to send people here if they want to have the quickpage please. And remember to give credit to Ambowife
Alright, we have had a quiet week. Michael hasn't had any overtime shifts for a few weeks now and I am relishing having him at home. It's just nice to talk to someone during the day and just having him here makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And thats about all I'm going to tell you all about that. LOL.
Terrell has been accepted as a designer at and I have been trying to get all my LO's up there as well as all the other Sites, hopefully her name will be burnt into everyone's brain by now, I have been doing a LO nearly every day LOL!!!
So here are a few of the LO's from the last few days.
Ha Ha. Michael wasn't too impressed with this LO's title. But everyone else seemed to like it!!!
This photos you may remember from the pics when we went for out Daytrip drive to the Blue Mountains.
One of my Brother's pics from Mount Cook well it's either Mount Cook or Mount Aspiring, I'm not really sure which, a lot of the pics have no name. Anyway, the pics are really cool, I try not to think what would happen if he fell. He's a Guide for Rock climbing and Mountaineering and he takes groups overseas to Nepal and New Zealand primariy. Here's a plug for his site.
Okay Everyone have a great Day and maybe I'll post again shortly.

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