Friday, May 25, 2007

Ha Ha Ha,,,, I'm watching you!

Hello world, Ambo here, Ambowife has given me access to our named blog, Yoo Hoo!!!!!
So please be patient as I ramble.
Hasn't the scrapbook stuff gone ahead in leaps and bounds?
While I slept yesterday after my second night shift, she produced a caricature of my current work partner for the front page of a little booklet I produce mainly from probationers with useful questions for patients/bystanders.
It was given to me in a very basic form way back when I was a probationer myself and I have regigged it and laminate and bind it all up now and Ruth had not seen it before and asked for a copy, it also has a list a clever words to make you look smart on you case sheet anyway.

Still waiting to get something back from Charles Sturt University. For those not in the know, a qualified ambulance officer here in New South Wales, Australia, holds a Diploma of Pre-Hospital Science. This is obtained by the completion of nearly four months of classroom lectures, practical examinations, clinical examnination interdisperced with three years of Road time as a functioning officer and self directed distance education.
With a push by University's to sell their own courses they have convinced more and more Ambulance Services that a Graduate or Degree level should be entry level as a qualified officer. So you could therefore be seen by an amblance officer who has no real-life experience with the On-Road aspect of this job. There's a lot of 'Spider Sense' in this job, we have to enter some very suspect dark alleys and homes and Dr Gregory House is right, "Patients Do LIE". Anyway I'm attempting to gain some Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) and complete what should be less than 50% of the CSU Batchelor of Clinical Prastice, then I'll have a degree.

The Tasmanian job was affected by this entry level qualification fruckis and they've cancelled the application process and are going to re-advertise the positions sometime but I'm not waiting for them, apart from the CSU course, I have applied for a ten week online course on Scene Management and participation in an Expanded Decision Making course for NSW Health.

So as Ambowife would agree, I've been keeping myself busy and active and now I have this platform to waffle from, Ha, Ha, Ha,(manical laugh)

Till later

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  1. LOL I LOVE HOUSE and yes patients do lie. But not me lol. I don't really, I got put into respiratory arrest sseveral years ago because apparently even though I am not allergic to shellfish I am allergic to the injectable dye they use for CT scans. It wasn't a pretty sight, they had to stabilize me three times before getting me into the ambulance. On the way to the hospital the medic says to me "I am going to give you epinephrine it will make you race a bit" I chuckled and said no it won't. He looked at me as if to say I had no clue and said yes it will. I said OK. He chuckled then and after a minute checked my pulse and respiration and his jaw hit the floor. "I've never seen that" was all he could say lol. So we don't ALWAYS lie. Sorry to hijack your post lol.


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